Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Loving D-Force

D-Force club members just keep making us smile this week ...

  1. After training on Monday I did a quick facebook check to find Alison's (club member) status to read  'Alison says if you have a dog and want a fun packed evening and a very tired dog- sign up to D Force!!!'  It's so nice read such nice feedback. So many clubs advertise their classes as 'fun' but few really are. We're glad you think ours are :-)
  2. Scrolling down further I saw another great status that really made me smile. Pelly (club member) wrote 'Pelly is so proud of disney,she got the trophy for instructors dog of the year tonight at jack russell eva!!!!' So great to see the bond between owner and dog strengthen through agility, it's what it's all about.
  3. Club friend Dave Munnings then said 'one thing that really sticks with me that you have said is; why would I want to be my dogs pack leader. That would involve bulling my dog and weaken our bond. I want to be my dogs best friend'  After thinking 'surley I've said more than one interesting statement', I was so happy that such a positive statement had been memorised and hopefully passed on to many more.
  4. Unfortunately, a club dog has found out they need a highly expensive operation. The dog isn't insured. Did D-Force sit there and do nothing? NO! A fundraising event is in the planning stages. There really is such a great community spirit in the club.
Below is Ditto, taking a rare moment to chill. This puppy is full of energy and is great fun!

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  1. Thats what a true club should be like. Shame you are too far away!!! Hugs to Ditto :-) xx