Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dave Munnings Winter Strips 1

Friday proved just how committed/crazy us dog lovers are to agility! Anna organised a 9am-5pm training day with Dave which stripped training right back to basics looking at individual pieces of equipment, analysing  performance, setting individual exercises for improvement and explaining and demonstrating how he trains it. Handlers were all given a work book to complete. Everyone loved the workbook idea  as there was so much information to take in, having a book to complete meant handlers could go home and re-read.

The group contained 10 handlers, some D-Force members and some from other clubs (many travelling miles). The abilities ranged from those not yet competing to grade 6 dogs. This worked fantastically well as handlers could view dogs at every stage of training.

Lunch time arrived and we warmed up at our local, dog friendly pub. Great food, great company!

The feedback from the day was brilliant. Anna did a great job organising and Dave's training was as usual fab ... just proving why we keep inviting him back! Everyone is looking forward to Winter Strips 2 in Jan :D

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