Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sun please!!

So, since the last blog, a fair bit has happened. Ditto is now weaving 12 upright poles and I'm pretty happy with how they are looking. To be honest they have probably  been the easiest thing to teach her so far. In training she is one pawing, driving through them and they are really independent. In the ring she is now getting them too :). I now need to do loads of work on focus as she is so environmentally aware. Throughout her life I have done lots of work on training her in new environments but I think it will just have to be something I always do with her as a reminder. She was great at Tuffley last weekend and had 3 'nearly' clears, def a sign of improvement.

I have just started doing some more contact training with Code. I really haven't gone back and worked on just shaping the end position, down planks and proofing since he started doing whole contacts years ago. It's so nice actually training him rather than just working on handling. In shows we have just been having the odd silly problem but with these few weeks off from shows and some more training hopefully we will do better.

The D-Force dogs are looking brilliant and proving it with results at shows. Love this pic of D-Force Muddle below.

Really could do with some sun now ... fingers crossed!!!!