Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Looks like we will be having a white Christmas then! After tomorrow it has to go ... please .... bored of it now!

All D-Force classes are now over until the new year, we are looking forward to seeing dogs owners and instructors re-energised and ready to take 2011 by storm :-) Great to see pictures of so many club dogs having a great time in the snow on the front of Xmas cards and on facebook.

Ditto is so bright! Since the snow has arrived her 'hurry up' rewards have all come from weeing on the snow. Now a lot of the snow is melting in the garden she makes sure she finds a snowy area to use. In her head, using concrete and grass is not for ladies. She seems to be getting madder every day, loving her clicker training and playing like crazy bringing her toy back as quick as she can for a game of tug.

I like to use and support my local, small pet shops rather than the large chains as often as I can. However I think the large stores are great for puppy socialisation (Ditto wants a Degu!). A large display entitled recommended reading is covered from head to toe in books by one author. Our 'famous friend' from TV in which the general public are taught how to bite their dog using their hand. I asked the manager why only these books were in the recommended reading section ... 'it's what head office tell us to do'. For those positive reinforcement dog lovers out their, please message me for the email address for head office in an attempt to get some modern, science based dog training books on the shelves!

Anyway, best go and wrap the dogs presents. Have a great Christmas and eat lots! :)

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