Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Suggested reading

A friend asked me yesterday to suggest some books for a reading list she was putting together so thought i would blog my top ten dogs books, for all you fellow dog geeks!

1) How dogs learn. Birch and Bailey

2) Dogs: A Startling new understanding of Canine origin and behaviour. Coppinger and Coppinger

3)Dominance in dogs: Fact or Fiction. Barry Eaton

4) In Defence of Dogs. John Bradshaw

5) Dont shoot the dog. Karen Pryor 

6) Stress in dogs. Nartina Scholz and Clarissa Von Reinhardt

7) Controll Unleashed. Leslie McDevitt

8) The Culture Clash. Jean Donaldson

9) Jackpot! A simple guide to food rewards. Pam Mackinnon

10) Dog Behaviour Explained. Peter Neville

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