Saturday, 18 June 2011


There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream - Author Unknown

My  latest foster, Benny, went to his new home today. There are always mixed emotions when fosters fly the nest. On one hand I am so happy they have found the perfect home, where they will be loved and spoilt rotten. On the other hand, there is sadness as it is time to say good bye to a dog who you have seen change in front of you as a result of hard work and patience and has become such a close friend. Enjoy your new home Benny :)

Code's agility is going nicely. I love this picture Jodi Lunn took of him ... he just loves it!

Ditto is maturing nicely. I love her work attitude she is full on, intense and non-stop. Shaping is by far the best way of tiring her out. I will make sure I get some videos of her tricks for my next blog.

And here is Hattie, having a great time at the camp last month.

The feed-back from last weeks 110% was brilliant. This workshop is really good fun and both Dave and I love teaching it. You know people enjoy it when they book on to the same workshop for the fourth time :D The workshop aims at creating 'attitude'. It's amazing how some dog and handler partnerships can change within a few hours.

Anyway,  best go and pack. Spain awaits me tomorrow. Job one for when I'm back ... finish the website!!!