Saturday, 13 October 2012

Random mumblings of the dogs life

Wow, I can't believe Ditto is two today. She is so beautiful, if I may say so myself!? She has turned in to such a cuddle monster, which is what I loved about her brother Boss which made me so keen to get her.

Handsome Code turned 4 last month. I read Gemma Hanekom's recent blog and laughed as she describes Cody's dad Boo in the exact way I describe Cody. Basically ... PERFECT!

                          And Hattie-Bear turned 12. Don't think I need to     say anything about how I feel for this dog!!!?

I had an absolutley brilliant day today. Dave and Sian came over to train the dogs. And they were all great. Cody is having a month off from agility, so we took the 'non-workers' for a two hour walk.

Ditto was great. I love this time of year as I can take all the training back to basic, break everything down and build on it. I am having to do things slightly differently with Ditto, to what I did with Code, but change is not always a bad thing. I think we owe it to our dogs to treat them as individuals, as no dog is the same and therefore not every handling style/training method will work with every dog.

On Monday we were lucky to have Kamal Fernandez at D-Force presenting a practical clinic on 'propreoception and fitness for the sports dog'. These skills are basically tricks, so great homework for wet weather days.

I am going to try and blog more ... but I think I said that in my last post ;)

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